Executive Search

We work with the client’s Technical and Human Resource personnel to make an initial visit to set up required standards and procedures to be followed in future selections. This process helps us understand client’s preferences and practices and conduct search within our extensive computerized manpower database, which we update regularly. We perform a mandate search on candidates with specific skill sets and expertise levels based on very specific criteria laid down by the client. To serve the client well requirements are studied in depth that includes the specifications for positions and compensation packages are elaborated. Our database is categorized to locate the exact candidate in shortest time possible.

Highly qualified and experienced SME Consultant screens each candidate thoroughly. The consulting team does qualitative evaluation of database and select qualified and interested candidates for the open position, only suitable candidates are profiled and interviewed by our advisory board members. Candidates can be assessed even before they are approached in such a way, time spent will prove extremely valuable i.e. interviewing prospective candidates in-depth. Only short listed candidates are then presented to the client with our specific comments and observations.

SME Consultant will coordinate with the client and candidate(s) until the candidate joins the client. In addition, we have defined process for various verticals – permanent placement, search, end to end recruitment solutions including temporary staffing.